Sometimes when you are stuck

Sometimes when you are stuck, it helps to go back to the beginning. The beginning of CVI came early, along with my son’s arrival in the world. There wasn’t a time when he did not have CVI. As a single parent, and especially finding yourself the single parent of a child with a disability, the only thing I knew for certain was, I’m going to need help. Continue reading “Sometimes when you are stuck”

“Happy Halloween!”

On Halloween, children of all abilities go trick or treating.

The child who comes to your door but avoids eye contact may have difficulty looking at faces (complexity).

The child who is upset in a crowd may have difficulty with complex sensory environments and sensory integration.

The child who takes f o r e v e r to pick out a single piece of candy may have difficulty with overwhelming complexity.

The child who wears the same costume three years in a row may have difficulty with novelty.

The child who excitedly tells everybody “Happy Halloween!” beginning loooong before October 31st, may be practicing his script. Continue reading ““Happy Halloween!””

Hiking with a CVI perspective

Hiking with a CVI perspective
Hiking with a CVI perspective

“Stay on the right side of the path…”

Most of the time, regardless of the season, we hike at least once a week. If you were trailing along behind us, you would hear me calling out different iterations of the phrase, Stay to the right... Over and over, often in short succession. Continue reading “Hiking with a CVI perspective”

“Guess Who?” game in Phase III CVI

IMG_9685This one is just for fun, because kids with CVI like to have fun. We can play a game and approach it from the perspective of cortical visual impairment (CVI). A good friend recently gave Jasper a game called “Guess Who?” My worry was that it was about recognizing facial expressions. Turns out it is more about recognizing visual details than expressions. And turns out that my son adores this game. Continue reading ““Guess Who?” game in Phase III CVI”