I’d know you anywhere

IMG_4722“Mommy, if you can’t find me, look for my orange shirt!” When we go running.

“I knew it was you because of your blue bag..” At the grocery store.

It is no coincidence that most of our things are brightly colored: shirts, jackets, bags, hat, bike…the car. Wherever we go we talk about how to find familiar people and how wearing a bright solid color sometimes helps my son who has cortical visual impairment (CVI), recognize or at least find me, his mom. Continue reading “I’d know you anywhere”

CVI Iceberg

CVI icebergThe first Start Seeing CVI t-shirt was created with the idea that when an educator looks at a child with cortical visual impairment, they would see the CVI, the ten characteristics (Roman). It is intended as a reminder: “I need to talk to him, I’d better take him to a quiet, less noisy spot” or “I’m showing her this object, I need to remember to hold it over to her left” or “I’m color highlighting this photograph against a plain background, I’ll be sure to use his preferred color yellow.” Each time, you are reminded of ten things to be mindful of when working with that child. Continue reading “CVI Iceberg”

CVI in the hallways

CVI in the hallways
CVI in the hallways

Back to school for students with cortical visual impairment (CVI) means right back to navigating what can be brutal school hallways, sometimes even when devoid of students. In preparation for this year, I recently shared the blog post Fighting an Unwinnable Battle by Nicola McDowell, describing her emotional state by the time she arrives at class. Learning about her experience as a student and adult with cerebral visual impairment is so relatable when it comes to my child with CVI. Reading her blog helps me understand his experience in a way that few other resources can. Already this school year is a  reminder of the difficulty of navigating hallways for a student with CVI. Continue reading “CVI in the hallways”