Last day of school

E614090D-8F7F-445E-B5BA-801CA983D218The last day of school, at last. The last day of a long year, a transition year. New school, new teachers, new students, new environment, new team mostly new to the disability of cortical visual impairment (CVI). The last weeks were about pushing through, the final sprint. New assessments and therapy appointments were put on hold. Sensory outings and activities with animals and swimming were instead written in. Today is the last Friday of second grade. Today is the last art class. Today is the last pizza day. The countdown began. Continue reading “Last day of school”

At the playground

At the playground
At the playground

If nothing else, the end of the school year is about reflection, right? This year it is also about celebrating a better school setting, and the end of another grade, by way of a playground gathering for all second graders. Along with it came a glimpse into the playground experience for my son who has cortical visual impairment (CVI). Continue reading “At the playground”

“Considerations for CVI and Social Inclusion” by Christine Roman (webinar)

"Considerations for CVI and Social Inclusion"
“Considerations for CVI and Social Inclusion”

When it comes to explaining cortical visual impairment (CVI), nobody does it better than Christine Roman-Lantzy. She could be described thus: She literally wrote the book on cortical visual impairment. Or you could say, “books.” In Perkins’ series “CVI for the TVI and other professionals” Dr Roman talks at length about the impact of CVI on the social development and social inclusion of children with CVI. You can find the link to Considerations for CVI and Social Inclusion, parts I and II, below. Continue reading ““Considerations for CVI and Social Inclusion” by Christine Roman (webinar)”