‘This Type of Blindness Technically Isn’t an Eye Problem’, parent article on CVI

If you have not already seen it, ‘This Type of Blindness Technically Isn’t an Eye Problem’ is a wonderful article on cortical visual impairment (CVI). And it is written by a parent, Amy Whipple. It includes a good explanation of CVI, and a summary of Christine Roman-Lantzy and her life’s work on CVI. Most of us do not know where our children would be without her dedication and study of our child’s disability.

The article also addresses the lack of awareness around CVI and the ways in which too many families struggle through early intervention, and all the way through the school years. Finding competent, knowledgeable providers, and advocating for appropriate services and school support is a constant battle.

A few favorite quotes:

“”CVI is really a form of deprivation,” says Christine Roman-Lantzy, a researcher, educator, and leading authority on CVI. “The child sees what we see, but they can’t interpret it.”

“The plasticity for vision is unlike anything else in our brain,” Roman-Lantzy says. “Even when there’s a lot of damage to the visual pathways, or the processing centers, other parts of the brain will just re-purpose themselves for vision.”

“Teaching to CVI is teaching both vision and cognition. And, while the brain’s plasticity lasts into early adulthood, learned behavior is harder to reckon with, and early intervention is a child’s best bet for moving through the phases.”

“It is parents, according to Roman-Lantzy, who are going to force the issue into public consciousness, as happened with Autism.”

Please read and share.

2 thoughts on “‘This Type of Blindness Technically Isn’t an Eye Problem’, parent article on CVI

  1. Hi Janice – the links worked when I checked them. You could Google the title of the article and it should pop up.


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