CVI at home, bedtime

CVI at home, bedtime
CVI at home, bedtime

Every evening around seven thirty, our bedtime routine begins. As part of that routine, I put my son’s pajamas out on his bed. Getting ready for bed also still involves wearing a pull up. And every night I put the pull up out on the bed too – in a different spot each time. The pajamas are bigger, bolder in color, and stand out visually, they are easy for him to see. But the pastel colored pull up requires more effort. By putting the pull up in a different spot each night, my son needs to use his vision to locate the pull up against the pattern of the comforter. This approach can be used at home with so many familiar objects from our natural routines, in our natural environment.

My son is in Phase III CVI which means by now he is using his vision to perform most tasks (Roman). Some nights take longer than others, but he always finds the pull up. Each time I tell him, “Your pull up is on your bed…” And every night, my son will go over and look and say, “Mommy, you hid it!”

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