In the bathroom with my son who has CVI


When you are raising a child who has cortical visual impairment (CVI) – words matter. Until a few years ago, using a public restroom with my son was “no big deal.” Then one day we were waiting to use the womens’ bathroom. My son has a disability and, like other moms with young kids, we often use the disabled or “big” stall. This time the “big” stall was taken so we chose a “regular” one and that is when I made a critical mistake that haunts me to this day and said – “Let’s SQUEEZE in!” as we tried to make our way through the narrow metal door. It was the wrong choice of words, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! NO SQUEEZE IN!!!” Jasper screamed, covering his ears, in a sudden state of pure panic, his body rigid and shaky. Not only did I need to use the bathroom myself but now had to calm my son over some kind of terror that I could not even see, let alone know how to fix. Continue reading “In the bathroom with my son who has CVI”