Sensory Balance: An Approach to Learning Media Assessment for Students with CVI

When you see this post about Sensory Balance, you are likely thinking one of two things. You might be thinking, “This assessment came out a year ago.” Or else you are thinking, “Sensory Balance Assessment for CVI, what is that??” Continue reading “Sensory Balance: An Approach to Learning Media Assessment for Students with CVI”

All I want for Xmas

This time of year it is easy to find online lists like Gifts for Children with CVI or Sensory Gifts Your Child Will Love. In reality, these lists are hit or miss. Some sensory kids will like them, others will not. Just like all children, our kids with CVI are individuals, with their own preferences. Often their preferences make no sense with regard to CVI: the gift that makes too much noise, the gift with too many colors, the gift that’s too flashy. This year the holiday isn’t so much about what to put under the tree for my son with CVI, but what to put in his stocking? Continue reading “All I want for Xmas”

Changing classes at the airport

Richard Elliott’s “Eyes on the World” at Sea-Tac International Airport

What is changing classes like for a student with cortical visual impairment (CVI)?

Following a year of COVID learning, my son now attends an independent school, a small school, with small classes. Small means less than ten kids in his class. So the entire student body is comprised of fortysomething students. Changing classes involves a fraction of those kids. In other words, this is not your typical public school hallway, overflowing with students. Recently it again became necessary to ask my son with CVI about his experience when changing classes. We have been here before. Changing classes between class periods with all the other kids. Waiting in one class because the hallway has “too many kids.” Taking the other, empty stairwell up to his classroom. Continue reading “Changing classes at the airport”

Back to birthday parties

With the return to in person school following a year of remote learning, the birthday party invitation came early. The real and true measure of any and all social skills goals in the IEP should be, “By June, having received all appropriate supports in place all year long, the student with CVI will be invited to X number of birthday parties.” Believe me, there is nothing so gut wrenching as attempting to explain to your child why he was not invited to the party. Here we are in November, at the first birthday party invite, for my son with CVI. Continue reading “Back to birthday parties”

Sometimes when you are stuck

Sometimes when you are stuck, it helps to go back to the beginning. The beginning of CVI came early, along with my son’s arrival in the world. There wasn’t a time when he did not have CVI. As a single parent, and especially finding yourself the single parent of a child with a disability, the only thing I knew for certain was, I’m going to need help. Continue reading “Sometimes when you are stuck”