Back to school with Phase III CVI

Back to school: Phase III CVI
Back to school with Phase III CVI

Back to school means, once again, thinking about how to explain cortical visual impairment (CVI) to educators who are new to your child’s educational team. When your child is in Phase III CVI (Roman-Lantzy) this means starting with the basics  – the CVI ten characteristics, the three Phases and their goals, and the CVI guiding principles – then making the light speed jump to Phase III CVI and why it is different.

Here are resources that can help make the leap from CVI 101 to Phase III CVI.

10 Characteristics of Cortical Visual Impairment  A breakdown of the ten characteristics of CVI (Roman-Lantzy), how the characteristics might present in each Phase, and the goal of each Phase.

What Do Children with CVI See? An exercise in cortical visual impairment by CVI Teacher Ellen Mazel.

Guiding Principles According to Christine Roman-Lantzy, as described on CVI Teacher blog.

This Type of Blindness Technically Isn’t an Eye Problem by parent author Amy Whipple. “The child sees what we see, but they can’t interpret it.”

Cortical Visual Impairment: Special Topics, Phase III CVI The West Virginia Department of Education is an excellent resource for learning about CVI. In a series of online videos, Christine Roman-Lantzy discusses all things CVI. Here she discusses Phase III CVI and what literacy looks like for students with CVI.

The Greater Impact of CVI in Phase III: Why do Students with CVI continue to Need Services from the TVI? Excellent report by Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) on the Phase III CVI workshop presented by Christine Roman-Lantzy at Perkins School for the Blind.

Phase III CVI: Continuing visual needs CVI Teacher Ellen Mazel describes the continued impact of the CVI ten characteristics (Roman) for students in Phase III CVI.

Phase III CVI: So Often Undiagnosed and Misunderstood CVI Teacher explains how, in Phase III CVI, “looking” does not always mean “understanding” (Roman).

My CVI Journey Nicola McDowell, an adult with CVI, describes her classroom and social experiences as a student with CVI.



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