Buy the t-shirt

The original Start Seeing CVI t-shirt was created in 2014 when my son transitioned from birth to three services to public preschool. Our introduction to the public school system came with the realization that, yet again, we had an educational team that had not heard of cortical visual impairment (CVI), and a vision team that … Continue reading Buy the t-shirt

Start Seeing CVI t-shirt

Start Seeing CVI t-shirts are now available for purchase. You can order kids sizes here, and grown up sizes here. Half of proceeds will benefit the Pediatric CVI Society. The original t-shirt design, pictured at right, and on our Facebook page, can be ordered in kids sizes here. This design and the terms used to … Continue reading Start Seeing CVI t-shirt

CVI modifications, it’s the little things.

On the brink of November, for a child with cortical visual impairment (CVI), it is still the beginning of the school year. Each school year is different for all kids, but for kids with CVI, each year may as well be a whole new school (especially when it really is a new school, new school … Continue reading CVI modifications, it’s the little things.